Thursday, January 12, 2006

stupid image hosting

just posting my avatar so i can actually use it. the image hoster i was using won 't allow me to hotlink. booooooooo! maybe its time for my own domain.

hackey sack boys

i've been thinking of animating a flash short for the last couple months and now i've finally blarbed out some designs. it's jsut gonna be 2 guys havin a round of hackey sack. It's inspired by this wierd group of guys from sasktatoon here that are hardcore. they hack in front of city hall and they all have the tight 80's shorts and the headbands. they pump old school music like depeche mode or michael jackson. and the funny thing is they are phenominal at it. Funniest shit ever. anyways, time to build.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

art blog challenge post

here's a number that i posted on the art-blog challenge. they have a monthly challenge of various topics. this month was 'brand new' my twist was a new haircut.